Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Caleb - 4 Months

One week ago, Caleb turned 4 months old.  I can't believe he is that old but at the same time it seems like he has been part of our family always.  It is amazing how much you can love one little tiny person. 
He has gotten to be SO much fun over the past month.  He smiles and laughs ALL the time.  He definitely has his tickle spots as indicated by this video with my mom:

He has gotten so much better with tummy time and will actually stay there for a while. 
He still hasn't rolled over but I'm sure it's coming soon.  He hasn't quite figured out how to get his arm out of the way.  He likes to be up and looking around but also LOVES his playmats and mobiles. 

He talks all the time.  Sometimes, he will wake up (TOO EARLY) and lie in his bassinet and talk to the bears on his mobile.  In fact, one day last week, he woke up just before five laughing.  I think he knew he was up too early and decided it was just hilarious! 
Speaking of sleeping, he still wakes up once a night.  Although, the past week, he has been a little more uneasy, waking up a lot.  Part of me thinks that if he wasn't swaddled he would put his hand in his mouth and be ok...but if he's unswaddled, he flings his arms and wakes himself up!  Alas!  I know that at some point, I'll have to move him to his bedroom; but right now, I still don't want to walk all the way across the house, especially if he's waking up multiple times at night.

We tried him in his jumper the other day and he loved his little sun.  However, despite being a long baby, he's not quite long enough to jump.  Ha!  

Things he loves: 
- mama, daddy, sissie - he smiles so big for us!
- getting dressed - he just laughs and smiles when I take his clothes off and change him.  He loves when his hands appear.  It is such an exciting part of his day.  :-) 
He also loves to look at his little dog while we do changing stuff.  He tried to share his 4 month sticker the other day, but doggie wasn't very interested.
- his feet - they are his new favorite toy!  He has been grabbing them a lot recently and actually put one in his mouth the other day.  He also loves kicking his feet - all day, everyday.  In fact, this past weekend, he was in his bouncy seat and spend about five minutes kicking the stuffed giraffe that was hanging above him
- his hands - they are ALWAYS in his mouth.  He started having to put bibs on him because he would soak his top from gnawing on his hands.

- eating - he's a big fan!  Still only mama's milk but he clearly knows when it's time.  He eats about 6-8 times a day.  He hasn't shown interest in food off a spoon yet and I'm planning on waiting until at least 5 months to try.

Weight - 13 pounds 8 ounces (15%)
Length - 25.5 inches (65%)
Head - 43 cm (85%)
We have a long, skinny boy with a big head!  Ha!  Hopefully that means he is smart.  :-)

He did pretty well with his shots.  This was the face he gave me when I picked him up from school
but he wasn't a fan of shots.  At first, he didn't cry.  I was kissing him when she gave the first one and he was fine.  Then, I think it hit him that it didn't feel good.  His little face wrinkled up and he started to cry.  After the second shot, I picked him up and he stopped crying; but this was how he felt about the shots. 
He was pretty fussy that evening but bounced back the next day to be my happy Caleb!
This little man has brought so much joy to our lives.  I can't wait to pick him up each day to see his big, toothless grin (though with all the drool, I wonder how long that will last).
I love listening to his laugh and hear him talk.  Despite not sleeping through the night, I love snuggling him during feeds.  I am so thankful for him, his sister, and David.  God has blessed me immeasurably.

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