Saturday, June 22, 2013

My "Somethings"

Every wedding, brides try to come up with a list of "somethings:" something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. 
I'm not superstitious but coming up with these four different components was a little fun.  First, something dress!  What girl doesn't dream about her wedding dress and even browse some before there is an official engagement?  I did!  I had been looking online at dresses for months before David asked me to marry him.
 I picked out the dress that I loved...I mean, loved!  However, I was worried that it wouldn't look right on me.  I mean, I'm not exactly long and lean like wedding dress models are.  So, a week after we got engaged my mom came down and we went dress shopping.  Three dresses in I tried on my dream dress....after that, no other dress even came close!  It was perfect.  Everything about it.  I loved the illusion neckline, the empire waist (which I'm partial to anyway), the way the train gathered at the back.  I felt so elegant and classic!

Next, my something old.  When my Granny died, I found several pendants of hers and kept a couple.  Not because I had plans for them, but just because they were neat.  Well, one of them was perfect for placing on my bouquet.  It added a little something special.  Another something old was my veil.  I originally wanted to use my mom's veil but it was edged in a thick lace that took away from my dress, which I wanted to showcase.  However, her veil was two, we trimmed the underlayer into a short veil which my sister-in-law's mom, attached to a hair comb.  Perfect!
My something borrowed was Mama's pearl bracelet.
And my something blue...a couple of things.  Toes!  And garter, which Mama made. 
And though all of this was fun, none of it has anything to do with our marriage being successful.  All of that is based on the foundation of our marriage, what it centers on...and that is Jesus Christ!  David and I will never have a perfect marriage and that is why we must trust God to guide us.  Why we make a point to daily pray together.  Why we pray for each other. 

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