Sunday, October 14, 2007

Simply Salad

Do you ever find yourself with just a little bit of frozen salad shrimp left over with nothing to do with them? Okay, so maybe you don't but my mom does, and I take after her, so I do too. What to do with them. There's not enough to make a dish but it's wasting them to throw away. Why do that anyway? Just take the shrimp, rinse them so that they thaw, and toss them on top of a salad made of spring greens, fresh berries, celery, some feta, and some raspberry least that's what I did!


Annie said...

Great idea! Sometimes leftovers give us a reason to get creative with our food ;)

Anonymous said...

That's yummy! Just add some avocado and I'd be all set.

Unknown said...

Annie - Yep! Especially when Mama didn't have ANYTHING else in the refrigerator!

Alisha - Funny thing, I'm not a big fan of plain avacado, but I do like guacamole...I guess a little lemon juice and jalapeno add a lot!