Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainbow Trout and....Baseball?

Over Labor Day my parents went to my Aunt and Uncle's cabin on the Norfolk River in Arkansas. Daddy just LOVES fly fishing. Before they went, I asked him to bring some fish back home. You see, the only trout I've had is from a restaurant AND I was going to be going home the next weekend for Mama's birthday! I have such a good Daddy...he brought the trout home and then grilled it on the cedar planks I got them for Christmas. Let me say, it was SOOOO good! I paired it with roasted sweet potatoes, tomato, corn, and squash. Speaking of sweet potatoes...if you ever get bored in the kitchen on a Saturday, especially with your mom!, just grab a sweet potato, hand the a strawberry to your mom and strike a pose. Then, wait for the perfect pitch, swing away, and hit that strawberry across the kitchen. This will result in a busted strawberry, a stained potato, and lots of laughs! Yes, I promise, I'm still in medical school but we all have our weaknesses!


Peabody said...

I haven't had trout in ages but it is so good.
And why not at little fun to blow off some steam.

Elle said...

Never thought to use a sweet potato that way, but why is the best medicine! The trout look spectacular!