Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cooking on Trees

I love getting surprises for people I love and this Christmas, I found a surprise gift for my parents. It wasn't anything big, but I was excited because I knew it was something they would like. The gift...cedar planks to grill on. The planks I got were from Williams-Sonoma, but you can get them elsewhere and they aren't expensive. Anyway, sometime this spring when I went for a visit, we finally got them out and put them to use. Let me just say DELICIOUS!!!! This made the BEST salmon I have ever had. It was SO tender, not the least bit fishy but with a good salmon flavor, and with a beautiful color. Daddy didn't cover up the fish with much seasoning. I think maybe just a little season salt or maybe even just salt and pepper. All you have to do with the planks is soak them in water for a couple of hours before you plan to grill. Then season the meat and grill away. He grilled them until they flaked and we enjoyed a great spring dinner of cedar plank grilled salmon, panzanella, and squash! This makes me want some right now. Daddy, maybe the next time I get to come home this is what we should have!!!! :-)


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yum! The foodie side of me has been wanting to try these cedar planks, but the practical side of me keeps winning out. My better half has now sworn off fish, so it would just be for me, plus, they are not resusable. I've seen them at W-S, and even at Academy Sports, of all places (we go there A LOT!). Maybe one day... :)

Annie said...

They sound interesting but I don't grill enough. The photos look great!

Anonymous said...

You've got it, beautiful. I'm looking forward to having you here again.

Saw the planks at Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day.

Stacy, why would anyone swear off fish. It's so healthful.

Linda said...

I loved Planked Salmon. It has such a wonderful flavor. I was given the planks as a gift also,but as I am the only fish eater in my house, I have not used them yet.

Unknown said...

Stacy - I didn't realize they weren't reusable. My dad seemed to think they were.

Annie - Thanks! It was really good. If you ever decide to grill, I suggest this.

Daddy - :-) Roses!

Linda - I agree...wonderful flavor!

gail@more than a song said...

Interesting! I should try these, we love fish and especially salmon but it's been hit or miss with me trying to grill it outside.
Stacy likes fish by the way, it's her hubby that doesn't! Don & I eat it several times a week!