Saturday, October 21, 2006

Party Pics

Here are some pictures from the party we had Thursday night. It was a surprise B-day party for a friend...I think I was a surprise!
We had LOTS of food. Most was brought by college students and recent graduates, so it was just chips and a veggie tray. But we made beef and chicken tacos, I made a cheese dip, and another friend made banana pudding. I'll give the recipe for the dip in another is DEFINITELY a party food!
To get J. to go upstairs we asked him to turn down the worked! We had about 25 people is our little bitty apartment, but it was fun! The college students stayed til around 8:30, graduates stayed until 9:30, and the birthday boy and M stayed until about 11...that may have been too late for M!
This is roomie with J. This is me with J. What a fun night!

I hope we do more parties in the future. Remember to come back for the cheese dip you can tell people enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I haven't partied in a long while.

Alisha said...

Looks like a fun party! Ah, college days. :-)

gail said...

Fun pictures, food looks like good party food! And the dip was gone so must have been good. Love the picture of you, so pretty!

veuveclicquot said...

ooh. Looks like you all had so much ful! Last time we had a party was... hmmm... June!! (lame, no?)