Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend of Parties and Cheer

About a week after school started we had a weekend full of birthday parties.  Kate was supposed to go to a cheer camp that morning but woke up with a pink eye, so I didn't let her go.  Caleb had a birthday party for his friend form school and had a blast playing in the birdseed box! 
That afternoon, Kate went to the present portion of her friend's party. 
They had cake balls and both kids LOVED them! 
The next weekend, Kate got to cheer at the football game.  She is one cute cheerleader if I do say so myself! 
She was actually more interested in the game but I think that was because she didn't get to go to the camp.  She stood with some of her new friends from her class this year and then got to see her teacher! 
She had a great time and did a fantastic job.  We were proud of her effort and excitement.

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