Friday, June 03, 2016

Easter 2016

Y'all, January, February and March just DISAPPEARED!  I think David and I were on service all but 2-3 weeks in that time period.  Additionally, what started like this:

ended in SOMEONE in my house having fever for 26 days straight!  Caleb had it first and then David got it and stayed sick for 21 days.  Then Kate came home from Disney and immediately had fever for 3 days before we knew she had strep and treated it.  Combine that with me working for 26 days straight (that's worse than residency!) and it was a crazy February into March!  But we made it.
 It was a time filled with prayer, trust, and just taking care of family.  Thankfully, we all got better.  At the end of March, we got to celebrate Easter. 
The weekend before we had our city egg hunt.  The kids had fun with inflatable slides,
 egg hunts,
and friends!
 Then we dyed Easter eggs with Luke on good Friday. 
it is an annual tradition that I hope continues for a long time. 
:-)  My parents got to come celebrate with us. 
 Caleb is SO hard to get pictures of these days because he's always moving!
 A little post lunch, pre-dessert, pre-nap Trouble.
I know they really just came to see the kids, since they hadn't been since Christmas, but I'll take any excuse for them to come.  Kate and Caleb enjoyed their Easter baskets. 
 Kate is our little "Joy" so this shirt was perfect for her.
David did have to work but was able to come to church later and then join us for ham that he had smoked the day before.

 For a little fun, this is the face that Caleb made everytime David turned on the electric knife to cut the ham.  SO funny!

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